Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Devil never changes form. He only changes you.

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." ~ Matthew 7:13

The hardest part of sustaining a path of eternal life and everlasting peace, is being alone. Your friends are no longer your friends, because your priorites have shifted. The temptation to fall into your "old ways" starts to creep back into your life. This is the Devil trying to get you. Evil will always embrace you with open arms and guide you, faster than the speed of light, down a road of destruction.

You've got to stay strong. Remind yourself this is only a test of your will. The Devil loves to play games with people. He loves to test the waters. He loves hunting for his prey. He embraces you at your weakest moments.

Choosing the way of God is hard. It's a life of discipline. It's a life filled with truth. It's a life of humility. It's my belief, once you truly deny Satan, deception, deceit, greed, vanity, etc...and accept Jesus in your life, you'll reap great benefits.

Last night, I read the miraculous testimony of Brian "Head" Welch called Save me from Myself. He was a guitarist in the band Korn. I used to be a big fan of Korn, so I was drawn to his book this past Sunday. I'm very glad I did. It proves how powerful Jesus is in transforming lives. It provided the hope I needed to stay on my narrow path. It provided me with "God's Wink".

I was raised Catholic, but I don't choose to follow Catholicism.

After speaking to my mother for hours last night on this very subject, I decided I want to be Baptised, again. I was Baptised as a baby in the Catholic Church but it wasn't my choice. I'd prefer to make this a commitment because it's my choice.

My mission is to find a suitable church which I feel comfortable giving my testimony and washing away my "sins". I'm open to suggestions.

My point today is although I feel lonely for making my decision at the present moment, I know in my heart it's the right choice. I know I'm not alone. I know God is all around me. I'll no longer be weak. I'll continue to grow strong. I'll continue along my path, and I'll lead by example.

I'm willing to document all the details to help someone else see the light.

I started a healing process to forgive everyone who has wronged me. It's been a hard process. I've been sucked into unnecessary circumstances, at moments, but overall it's allowed me to drop the extra baggage I'd been carrying. I've also apologized for the things I've done to hinder our friendship/relationship, as well. I believe it's vital to forgive in order to grow.

I'm only preparing myself...Are you?


  1. Nothing good ever comes easy.

    Take this alone time to develop your relationship with God. I felt alone when I made my initial conversion, too. You'll soon experience his presence everywhere. It's a phenomenal feeling.


    I had to post my comment 3 times, now. Having your own site is the way to go.

  2. Hey, shoot me an email.

  3. Girl, you are definitely not alone...I thought the same thing. I have somehow been "ok" when I thought I would lose my mind when I chose to take a different path & left everyone behind. You meet new people that are good for you & want the same things out of life that you want. It's a hard decision to make but like you said, it's preparing you!!