Friday, March 20, 2009

Is this the right direction?

"When you succeed you celebrate, when you fail you ponder and change" ~ Tony Robbins

He posted this quote on his twitter account this morning. I thought "what a great quote. I needed to hear these words this morning".

We're human, we're gonna fail. We suffer from failed relationships, failed parenting, failure at work, failed health, etc... And when we fail, e encounter wounds that may penetrate so deeply we begin to make different choices. We settle for less than what we really want, less than the best and boldest we can accomplish, out of FEAR to fail.

What would it be like to push failure into a different light? Instead of dwelling on the feelings associated with disgrace and guilt, look inside yourself to see what it tells you about your well being and your conduct in your life. Failure is an essential part of the path of creation. Enormous amounts of energy are freed when you release yourself of guilt and apply it towards something positive. You begin to create something new...something better for yourself!

Overcoming failure or rejection is hard, but know it's not the end of your rope. I've been at the end of my rope, climbed my way back up, and also climbed back down a few times to check it out, again.

These obstacles make the sense of succeeding much more powerful.

Look at each failure as an opportunity to expand, learn, and grow. You'll achieve your goal, if you stay focused, overcome failure, and keep moving forward. Return to the drawing board, and decide what you need to do different the next time. Make improvements in the necessary areas and you'll rejoice in an improved outcome.

I write my best material when I'm experiencing emotional pain from failure. I don't like to fail. I like to win. I like to succeed. I want to be the best Michelle, I can be.

My recent failures have challenged me to make changes in my life. These changes aren't easy, but I know the benefits will be well worth it.


  1. It doesn't mean you've failed. You get 1,000 NO's before you get a YES. I commend your effort.

  2. From your previous blogs, it seems like your ex is no good for you. Stay true to yourself and do not cave in. One day you'll find someone that will treat you like you've never been treated before and the others will be history!

  3. Girl, I'm on the same boat. All you can do is let go. I have some strong feelings towards an ex that i don't think feels the same way about me. But I"ve moved on. You will find someone soon.