Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you do YOUR part

If somebody in your life isn't treating you right, don't make the mistake of sinking down to their level by getting into an argument or fighting. You might want to set the record straight because they're spreading lies about you, or trying to ruin your reputation, but take the high road, respond with love, and let God do the rest.

I'm guilty of taking matters into my own hands, at moments, towards certain people. I know it's easier for me to tell you how to handle it, but trust me, it saves you from further drama.

Certain things happen to test you and your faith. That includes having certain people involved in your life. God is testing you to see how you respond. God won't allow someone to continually mistreat you, if you do your part. KEY PHRASE: IF YOU DO YOUR PART! Keep a good attitude, and turn your circumstances over to him.

If you keep making good decisions and turning your troubles to God, he'll make sure you get what you deserve and more.

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Make it a great day!

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  1. I agree with you about turning your troubles over to God. It helps me so much when I stop trying to fix things myself, and give it to him. It's hard to release that control over the situation, but once I do, I feel more at peace about it because I know that God's plan in the matter is far better than mine will ever be. He can work through some of the hardest things in life including relationships that seem to be more trouble then they are worth. I feel much more peaceful about things when I know that God is in control. :) Thanks for the post. It was good. :) :)