Friday, December 19, 2008

It was the night before Christmas in the Leslie House, and a vibrant little boy was running all over the house.

I wanted to end my day, spreading my joy to others.

I originally planned to take my son, Tre, to see Santa tonight but the five hour long wait changed my mind, instantly.

The alternative was to bake and decorate some Christmas cookies, together.

While were decorating the cookies, I asked Tre a few questions, that a funny blog inspired me to ask, to see what my own child would say.

Me: So Tre do you have a girlfriend at school?
Tre: No, I don't need one of those

Good answer!

Me: Do you know what marriage is?

Tre: It's two people who go to the same house, and she cooks and washes clothes and they hug and kiss.

Notice he said she

Me: Have you learned anything about going to church?

Tre: Yes, you have to be quiet while a person says something and then you can leave.

Atleast he knows to be quiet

Me: Does anything scare you?
Tre: Uh, yes. GHOSTS! Cause they'll eat me.

I wish that was the only thing I had to be scared of these days, cause we all know that'll never happen.

Me: What do you think about people who kiss?

Tre: you get germs

I won't be wasting money on doctor bills, he doesn't want germs.


  1. HAHAHAHA omg tre-dawg is TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!!
    that made me smile after a long day :)