Thursday, December 18, 2008

When it rains, it pours

It's amazing how one minute you're looking at the beautiful sunshine, and ready for your great day ahead.
The dark clouds gradually start to cover your beautiful sunshine. You hope the dark clouds are only passing through but sure enough the rain starts to sprinkle down upon you.
The sprinkling turns to rain, and all of the sudden, it starts pouring down on you. You forgot your umbrella, you become cold, and you hope to make it to your destination safely.
While in route towards your home, your car breaks down, and the pouring down rain turns into a full blown storm.
You need someone to help, and your cell phone doesn't have service. Do you just sit there and wait? Or do you go and find help? NO storm lasts forever, so you decide to wait it out. Growing impatient with your unfortunate circumstances, you begin to get angry and frustrated. God, why me? Why today?
You decide to be a solider and walk down the road until your cell phone restores service. Thank goodness! You get in contact with someone who's available to come to your rescue.
You're so grateful to finally make it home but only to discover your house has been flooded by this awful storm.
You're standing there knee deep in water examining all the damages, you have no option but to repair. And you think "where do I start?" , "how am I going to afford it?", and "How am I going to make these repairs?"
Instead of coming home to a place of comfort, you arrived at a place contributing to the chaos.
You don't know if you should be mad, sad, depressed, stressed, frustrated, confused, etc but you do know you're tired. You scope out the best place for you to rest to get some much needed sleep. You'll figure out how to handle the mess tomorrow.
You wake in the morning to see the clouds have passed and you can see the sunlight, again. In actuality, it was there all along, the dark clouds were only blocking your view.
You begin the process to repair all the damages which occured during the storm, and eventually things will return to normal. In the midst of the repairs, you usually fix things you've been putting off for a certain period of time.
You can look back later, and appreciate the storm and even moreso appreciate the beautiful sunshine that is guaranteed to follow.

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