Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here it is Christmas Eve, my son is at his father's house this year, but we celebrated Christmas with him Saturday night.

The past few weeks, I've spent alot of time with my son. I haven't spent as much time with him as I should over the past few months due to being in a relationship . I had to split my time between work, my son, and my ex-boyfriend.

It's amazing how much they grow and change in such a short amount of time. I've been sad over my recent break-up, but at the same time, I've been able to spend more time with my son who loves me unconditionally.

He loves doing things with his mommy. He thinks I'm cool. And we always do fun stuff together.

He's at the age that he loves having me around. I know in just a few years, he's going to be embarrassed to have his mom around, because he'll want to look cool. So I need to enjoy this time period of his life as much as I can, because you can never go back.

Spending quality time with your children is vital for their mental and emotional health. They need your support. They need to know you're there for them. They need to know they can count on you, no matter what. And they need your guidance in life.

Their brains are little sponges absorbing everything around them. When you scar a child mentally, it takes years to repair, if even possible.

I have a friend who carries a bunch of emotional baggage from childhood and it makes me sit back and think. The smallest things we do as parents, has more of an impact upon our kids than we realize. Being involved in their activities and showing a genuine interest in what makes them happy, shows you care. It creates a stronger bond between you.

Some parents use sports practices and games, as a break from parenting, but that creates more harm than good in the long run.

I've decided to no longer worry about having a dating life. I want to focus on my son and only my son. He deserves it. He shouldn't be second to anyone or anything.

I look back on his baby pictures and remember how I used to hover over him while someone else was holding him. I was scared they were going to hurt him or give him germs.

I used to take pictures of everything he did, and he didn't leave my side to stay with anyone until he was 2 years old. I was way over protective and I also lived out of state and I didn't know anyone well enough to watch my baby.

We all make mistakes, but some mistakes are costly. Some mistakes people can't forgive, and people can't erase from their memory, especially children.

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve with their family.

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  1. Hey girl. I thought you deleted your blog. It was here one day and gone the next. Now it's back up. Anyway, I hope things are okay for you. I'm about to read through the posts I missed out on. :)