Monday, November 14, 2011


I haven't blogged in over a year. I'm blogging today to share some very important, yet private, information. As many of you may know, my Dad has stage IV renal cell carcinoma aka Kidney cancer. After going on a vegan diet, doing colonics once a week, and seeing a holistic doctor, (instead of doing trial studies because chemo isn't an option at this stage)he is now cancer free in his lungs. He went to a regular doctor due to being sick with bronchitis. They decided to do an x-ray of his chest to see if it were related to his tumors and VIOLA...the cancer was no longer detectable. All of this is due to his healthy lifestyle and way of living. Your diet and nutrition is everything. Think before you decide to buy a meal from McDonald's or spend your money on junk food. Eating healthy and living right can prevent cancer from affecting your life or possibly taking it, along with many other health risks...that's all for today!!! Enjoy it!!!



  1. The surgeon I work for spoke to group called "Save A Limb, Save A Life" & he called Diabetes a "social disorder" Needless to say he turned a few heads..but he is right. As Americans it has become the norm to be lazy, & eat whatever we want. We are slowly killing ourselves. If we could see 10 years down the road, what we'd done to our bodies, I am sure most what go back & treat their body as a temple.
    I am so glad things have turned up for your dad, mucho lubs.

  2. That's awesome news. I live it and preach it daily to many of my customers. I have helped a lot of people lose weight and come off medecine that was needed to lower BP or Blood Sugar. Some even had to use breathing machines. It's not easy to stay fit. It's a lot of work. But if you work all your life to have things you enjoy you might as well work a little on your body so you can be around during retirement to set back and enjoy them. This is awesome news. God is good....

  3. Thank you guys so much for reading. It's refreshing to have people support this method or back it up with facts...


  4. People would never think of putting mud in their car's gas tank, but expects their bodies to run, even grow and replenish itself on poisons.

  5. Great news and thanks for sharing. SuperFoodsRX changed the way I look at food and super-nutrition is one of the causes I support.

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