Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes what you want isn't what you need

Well hello!

I haven't blogged in over a year. I took time away from my routine to reflect upon life and create something new and different for myself without sharing it over the internet.

Numerous things have changed, and changed, and changed, since I last blogged.
Writing has always been a therapeutic outlet for myself but like clockwork I grew bored with it.
I always start something and never finish it. I think it's what I want until: 1. I get it 2. I change my mind or 3. something better comes along.

ANYWHO, the reason I'm here today is to get a few things off my chest...

I've experienced a pretty rough week. I firmly believe the company you keep or encounter sets the mood for every situation, it takes a strong person to overcome someone with negative energy. Some people don't realize how much negative energy they carry with themselves and how it their energy attaches itself to others.

For example, have you ever some across someone who is angry or upset, then your mood becomes not so great? You might even become angry yourself? It doesn't feel good, does it? That's negative energy.
Have you ever encountered someone with the best attitude towards life and it lifts your spirits? That's positive energy.

I had the joy of spending time with someone I'd consider emotional. Their personality lacks consistency. This person makes promises they have no intentions of keeping because at the time it sounds like a good idea. When the time comes to fulfill their commitment, they flake. One minute they're happy and the next minute their mood changes due to outside circumstances or because they're trapped within their own thoughts. Instead of focusing on what is in front of them, they allow outside influences to control their attitude. Their thoughts get the best of them and they become NO FUN to be around.
Granted, this person has great moments, as well, but they're few and far between. I felt like an emotional babysitter. Everything would be going great and then BAM! Their bi-polar personality would kick-in and I'm sitting there thinking "WTF is wrong, now?"...
I had no real choice in the matter, I was staying in the same room as this person. I tried to make the best of it and I did the best I could to lift their spirits but by the 3rd day it became apparent that this person creates most of their problems for themselves. Instead of avoiding certain situations which caused them to become irritable or upset, they entertained it. So we'd be back to square one, AGAIN.

I allowed this person's issues to affect my life. I've had pretty rough week and I've only worked 2 days. What should have been a funfilled weekend turned into a mentally exhausting trip. It completely drained me to be around this person. It was a lot to handle for having really just met them.

So here I am dumping my negative emotions and all this negative energy into this blog praying that it goes away. It's done nothing but attract unwanted issues and circumstances into my life.

Last night, I finally reached my breaking point. Sometimes it's good to let it all out with a good cry session and to tell certain people where to go. Maybe they need to hear it. Maybe they've heard it before a time or two or 10...and it was about time, they heard it, again. Who knows? Who cares? I needed to let it out. It's okay to crash and burn. But don't miss the lesson.

I can't save someone from their own misery. YOU can't save someone. If someone chooses to be miserable, let them be, don't let it affect you. I have too many wonderful things in life to allow one person's misery to overshadow all the GREATNESS!!!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. true to the nth degree - and very well written

  2. If you really want to be a good person, you have to look at how you use your time. The knee jerk reaction is to be there for whoever needs you. This is immature.

    Save your energy for people who are able to be helped. Use benevolence like you would any other asset- look at ROI and opportunity cost.

    It's *your* time, afterall.

  3. AMEN, JACOB!!! This person is too self absorbed to see that their attitude affected "my time".
    Thank you for the support guys!!!

  4. sounds like a diva:(