Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our way of thinking is similar to a computer program

Since I've been on my vegetarian diet, my mental clarity has escalated. During this process, I've realized we ARE very similar to the events in the movie "The Matrix".

What we eat is merely a luxury. We don't actually need the food. We need the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for our body to function properly. The less waste (after the nutrients have been extracted) our body has to digest, the better your body will feel. You have less toxins building up on the inside polluting your temple. (aka your body) Food isn't required to taste good, but we've spoiled ourselves with spices, dressings, and all that jazz to spruce up what is needed for our body to function at it's highest level of efficiency.

The most vital organ is your brain. Your brain controls everything. Similar to the way The Matrix controls everything. What codes are encrypted is what the system will perform. What you put in your body determines how your body will perform.

Which brings me to my next thought... People are creatures of habit and comfort. You keep repeating the same behavior because it's what has been programmed into your brain.

A person who's involved in an abusive relationship, may end the relationship, but end-up in another abusive relationship. The problem isn't the abuser, the problem is the person who's allowing themselves to be abused. The abused has a choice to leave, and not allow someone to treat them this way. But once again, it's all they know. They have an addiction to be told they're not lovable, and somehow feeling this pain makes them feel loved. This is their comfort zone and habit.

The question is "What need are they trying to satisfy?"...

If you can figure out the need you can fix their behavior. Similar to if your computer has a virus, you can find it, fix it, and save your computer before it crashes.

The quality of your relationships is an important measure of our self-worth. Those closest to us, need to enhance our well-being with support, time, attention, and genuine care. Not destroy our sense of value with criticism, lack of support, lack of interest, or rejection, etc...

Everyone, especially adults, have a right to who they allow into their life. It's important to have your own walls, shields, or protection to keep these people from polluting your mind. My computer has McAfee to prevent it from being infected with a virus. Create a method to prevent your brain from being affected by all the pollution of the world.

You're responsible for your body's programming. You create it. And if you risk going out there into the world without protection, it will boggle you down with infection. <----That's an original quote right there!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!


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