Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's more than saying "I'm Sorry"!

Today I want to talk about Forgiveness.

Recently, I've had a change of heart. I'm not one to hold grudges, but I've grown tired of being repeatedly deceived. I eliminated quite a few people from my life, which I felt weren't beneficial. I felt drained in all areas and decided to "clean house".

As I'm in the process, I encountered someone you can call an "enemy", and actually took the time to get to know her. Instead of focusing on past issues, we've focused on NOW. We know we both said and did immature, dramatical, and just plain mean things to each other. There's no need in justifying our actions. Either way, we made bad decisions concerning our issues with each other towards each other.

My mentality is on a different level. I don't have excuses for my actions. But I learned alot from making those mistakes and have grown as a person. The next step was to forgive the person who I felt wronged me and vice versa.

Now that I know her, I feel as if I've robbed myself of a good friend for a long time now. We're alot alike. I'm glad we put our differences behind us. I know we have a solid lasting friendship. God couldn't have placed anyone better into my life at a better moment.

As I'm watching a movie last night, one of the character's made a statement about forgiving others. You forgive other people for yourself. To rid yourself from the pain of being hurt, to be able to move forward in life, and not let it hurt you. You forgive to be forgiven. God forgives you for your sins. He doesn't torture or retaliate. He forgives because he loves us/you.

Forgive someone today. It feels good to set yourself free.


  1. I just love you!! I want to be just like you when I grow up =0) Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Harboring anger, resentment & spite makes us feel so icky. (very technical term, I know!)

    SO off the subject...my word verification is "gases" I knew it would make you smile, ha!

  2. BA HA HA HA HA! On the word verification!

    I just love you, too!

    We need to get the boys together:-) Maybe a Baron's game one night or something of the sort.

  3. Love the post. Everyone needs to learn forgiveness. It's super hard at times, but well worth it in the end. :)