Monday, February 2, 2009

To nourish children and raise them against odds is in any time, any place, more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons. ~ Marilyn French

My weekend was filled with kids, kids, and more kids.

We had a Friday night break dance party at my brother's house, a National Lampoon's Trip to the Circus, Homestyle Country dinner at Cracker Barrell with the most random encounter, soccer warm-ups, playing golf, bicycle riding, Wii playing , ping-pong battling, and fooseball fighting weekend EVENT.

I can remember doing these exact same things, as a child, and how important they were to me. I remember the excitement I felt to go somewhere and do something different, especially when it was kid oriented. I loved going to the circus, to carnivals, to the skating rink, playing softball, cheerleading, being in pageants, etc...

Now Tre is at the age where he wants to go certain places, and do certain things. He's old enough to remember the experience. I've been spending more time with my brother and his girlfriend and her nieces and nephew. It's fun to make them happy. It's amazing they already have their own personality. Sometimes it's even funny.
Let me mention how hard it is to have a child who wants everything. I mean everything.
I don't have one of these momma will you get it for me? I want it? I love it? Momma, please?
I want some cotton candy. I want a toy. I want a snow cone. Take my picture. Where are the Elephants, momma?
I want chicken fingers with corn. No, I want french fries. No, I want fried apples. You place the order of chicken fingers and french fries, and then they want corn. Actually they want whatever isn't on their plate.
Cracker Barrell needs to put their store in the back of the restuarant. Walking passed everything with a child who wants everything, is a parent's worst nightmare. I want this candy. I was this car. Momma, look I want this, please? Tre wouldn't stop begging me for some wind-up teeth that chattered across the floor. NO, NO, NO! But I need it, momma! No, you don't need it. You need something to eat, so eat all your food, you don't need a toy.
Sounds super fun, huh?
You need to spend quality time with your children. You're the person they admire and trust most in the world. You want them to look back and cherish their childhood memories. You, the parent, lay the foundation in your child's life.
Raising a child with a solid foundation prepares them for their future. It builds a good relationship between you and your child.
They're only little once...

Soccer registration is this weekend and next weekend. He wants to play, again. Looks like I'm gonna be a soccer mom for another 8 weeks, starting March.


  1. I'm a Soccer Mom, too! But, I refuse to drive a mini-van...LOL! htey are only little once so we have to spend as much time as possible because we will be real dummies in a few years. Timberly is already headed down the path of me being stupid....LOL :)

  2. The above comment is from me....It listed as my boss' google account...LOL!
    Jared is really Jamie...... :)