Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looking for Love in ALL the wrong places

Everyone wants a companion in life. Everyone is searching for the right person, even people who are considered "loners".
I've come to realize we search for our "other half", not realizing that we, ourselves, must be whole, rather than waiting around for someone to complete us. If you depend on someone else to make you happy, you'll be miserable.
In every realtionship the good must outweigh the bad. And I believe both people must share similar beliefs. Without that bond, there nothing to fall back on when life throws you a curve ball.
We all have our issues but you can't expect someone to love you and become welded to your soul, if you're not in a state of stability.
I've been exploring myself for the past 2 months and deeply exploring myself. I want to make sure I live up to the standards I'm seeking for in someone else. I've date guys I believe I could change or thought he wouldn't do to me what he did to someone else. WRONG! You have to accept people the way they are and love them, anyway. Sometimes from a distance.
I firmly believe if I keep following down this path, I'll encounter the right person. But I'm not looking for anyone, right now. I'm only interested in focusing on myself, so when they do arrive, I'll be ready.
JUst let go and let God handle everything, I'm positive I'll meet the right person at the right time, as will you.
Energy attracts energy. Make sure the energy you're projecting is the same energy you'd like to receive.
Find a passion for caring for others, and I guarantee love with find you.

I'm going to my first acupuncture appointment this Saturday. I'm super excited. I think it's going to be a great way to release negative energy from my body, possibly some unwanted stress, and built up anger still trapped inside me. Once I release those emotions/energy, I'll be able to fill it up with positive energy. That itself really excites me.

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