Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking Things Personally

Your EGO takes everything personally. Your emotions become involved and most people become defensive and sometimes aggressive. You feel the need to defend yourself or the illusion you have given yourself about yourself.

Your EGO confuses opinions with facts. You need to realize this is the situation, this is the anger I feel towards it, and find a way of approaching the situation or dealing with it.

The whole "I'm right, you're wrong" isn't a good thought process for someone to accumulate in their everyday communication. This has been the very reason of war amongst people over their religion, race, political affiliation, etc...

People for thousands of years have killed other people because they believe what they think, feel, believe is the TRUTH. Your TRUTH isn't the TRUTH of another.

It's unfortunate people believe certain beliefs and then view anyone opposite of their belief structure to be wrong or even worse EVIL.

I learned a very tough lesson here, recently, anything I resent in another person, usually lies within myself. It's been the hardest thing for my hard-headed self to accept but I have realized it the hard way, as usual.

If I make a statement talking to my friends about another person being mean, or scandalous, I actually have the power in me, to be even more mean, or scandalous. It depends on the degree of being offended by the other person I'm referring to, which has upset me, to the level of meanness I'll project. It's a natural thing to go into defense mode when you feel your name or territory is being invaded. I've resorted to physically hurting someone because I was so angry, in my past.

That is an example of your EGO talking.

Since Thursday, I've been seeing the number 66 everywhere and when I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere. I believe number sequences have a significance in our lives. An old friend of mine has an attachment to 66, as well, and now I feel it has somehow attached itself to me.

I looked up the meaning of 66 and it stands for WEALTH and half of 66 is 33 and it stands for TRUTH.

I believe it's a sign for me to unattach myself from what makes my EGO feel better when I encounter vulnerable situations. I've used my modeling as a way over the years to stroke my EGO in a sense. I've thougth about getting back into it, but I don't believe it's the TRUTH of who I AM. I no longer need it to feel good about myself, because it doesn't define me.

I no longer allow other people's opinions of me harm me or affect me. Think what you will. I don't need to defend my name or character. This is something I've recently acquired, but it doesn't mean I won't speak-up for myself.

In the recent past...
There have been moments when I've been so frustrated with what someone has said about me or thinks about me, I've reacted harshly to defend myself and made sure to degrade them in the process for what I felt was the truth. But at this moment, all I can think is "so". There isn't another reaction necessary and there aren't any negative emotions stimulated by someone else's opinion of me. I know who I AM. I know what they think isn't true. SO?

The next time you encounter angry emotions of what someone else has said about you or done to you, think "so". Their opinion doesn't define you. Unattach yourself from your EGO and don't let it affect your inner state of mind. It isn't TRUTH.

I'll give another example before I end this blog.

I have a guy friend who experienced a miscommunication with a female friend. Instead of clarifying everything with his female friend, he confides in his buddy for advice. His guy friend chose to lie to the female friend to make her jealous to stroke my guy friend's EGO and it ends up creating more harm than good. The EGO is a varment. LOL

Don't take things personally. Unattach yourself from your EGO. And align yourself with the TRUTH. Pay attention to signs:-)

It makes the world a much more peaceful place.

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  1. Love, Love, Love it!
    I agree with so many things you feel and think. I also learn a thing or two everytime I take time out from our hectic and crazy daily routine. I am so glad that I do....