Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you stupid or just brainwashed?

I've browsed around on myspace, facebook, and other online sites in the past and have noticed people stating their moods to be bitchy, pissed, irritated, irate, etc...and I've always wondered what could make a person so mad, they actually feel comfortable sharing it with the entire cyber world?

Now I know.

Not only am I beyond irritated, I'm sick of people who think they know something, when they have NO IDEA.

Don't pass judgement on me unless:

1. You know me personally

2. Know the entire story from both parties involved (your biased opinion isn't welcomed or wanted)


I don't jump into your arguments, or disagreements with your significant other. Stay out of mine.

It's a sad shame people claim to be one way, but in reality they're someone totally different. I like to keep it real. If you mess with me, I will mess back you with you. This isn't a threat or warning. It's pretty much common sense. I pick my battles wisely and only fight for what I truly believe is worth it. Don't sit there and cry wolf, when you're guilty.

It takes 2 people to argue. It's hilarious to watch people's reactions when you confront them on their behavior which has directly affected you. It's amazing how many lies start to spew from their mouth. It's even more comical when they resort to calling you names for something they've done wrong. Be accountable for your decisions.

If you've done something to me, and I'm upset or offended by it. Trust me, I will tell you. You won't hear about it from someone else. I don't play Miss Nice for the sake of being nice or eliminating drama. If I don't like you, you will know it. There's no question about it and I won't talk to you. That's my way of avoiding drama. I'm not here to win a popularity contest.

Everyone gets upset and everyone has their breaking point. Everyone has a limit to where they draw the line and they stand up for themselves. I've reached that point. I'm not putting up with anymore bullshit from anyone. You can say whatever you want about me. It doesn't make you better than me. It's your character being portrayed by your actions, not mine.

To actually take a person's word as the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you're either too stupid to know what's going on or you're brainwashed.

There are 2 sides to every story. There are 2 different perspectives involved and obviously the parties involved in the argument or altercation, magically don't agree. Who would've ever thought 2 people fighting, didn't agree? So before you choose a side and start blasting out insults pertaining to a certain situation which doesn't directly involve you, you need to think about all the disagreements you've encountered in your life. Did the other person say things to people that weren't entirely true about you? Yes, I'm sure they did. Did other people add their opinions into the mix without knowing the entire story? Of course. Did it upset you to know people you've done absolutely nothing to, don't/didn't like you, based upon a story they heard about you? I'm pretty confident it did. I'm positive if the outside sources would've heard your side of the story, as well, they wouldn't have thought such negative things about you.

If being a human who makes mistakes is crazy. Then call me crazy. I'd rather be who I am, than live a lie trying to please everyone else. I'm not here to fit into a mold. I'm here to be Michelle. If you don't like it, eliminate yourself from my life. I'm not going to stop anyone, who chooses to leave.

Don't call me names, when you're doing the same thing or worse. Don't get mad if I call you out on something, I felt was necessary to bring to your attention because I didn't like it.

For example:

A) A woman sends another female a message via myspace because she thinks her communication with her boyfriend is inappropriate. Instead of apologizing, the female gets offended by it and starts calling the woman names. Not a good response.

B) A man does something wrong to his woman. She lets him know how she feels and he calls her a psycho bitch or better yet tells other people she's a psycho bitch. Not a good response. The man must have done something to bring out the psycho bitch in her.

C) If we're friends and you do something offensive, I'll tell you I'm offended so we can work out the issue. If you result to name calling and friend swapping, you weren't a real friend in the first place.

If I'm wrong, I'll say I'm wrong and I'll apologize. I think for myself. I don't allow someone else's thoughts to dictate my feelings. If anyone looked at certain situations with an open mind, they'd see the truth.

Too many people are blinded by a fasad and are easily manipulated into someone else's thinking pattern. Some people are just too stupid and take other people's word on a subject as the final say so in the ordeal. Look up the facts, if you're so interested.

No one would have ever discovered America or space, if they took someone else's word for it. According to maps in the 1300's the world was flat not round and America didn't exist. Think about it!


  1. holy hell!! what the heck happened????

  2. Lock your body but can't trap your mind. I am glad that you have chosen writing as your release therapy.

  3. Wow. That's a mouthful but you are right. :)