Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have you ever heard the story of "The 3 Little Pigs"? Of course you have...
The big bad wolf was able to blow down the first 2 houses and eat the little pigs due to their weak foundation and materials. The last pig, however, was smart and built his with a strong foundation and material - BRICK! The wolf's attempts were unsuccessful and the little pig survived.

This story (now an analogy in my blog) can be applied to many areas of your life. You need the right tools to survive certain situations. Your mind is your greatest tool. Use it wisely.

"The body cannot live without the mind" ~ Morpheous

When used correctly, you can accomplish or overcome anything. When you deny yourself something, you make your mind stronger. The mind trains the body how to function without what it craves.

If you want to quit smoking, you just do it. You're in control of your mind. You tell yourself NO! You deny what it craves. This will push you one step closer to achieving your goal.

I'm not going to say it's easy, but this is where your building starts. Are you going to build it out of sticks or bricks? It's pointless to say you're going to do something and NOT do it. It's pointless to build something out of sticks when you know it won't last, if it even upholds in the first place. You have a choice when it comes to these decisions whether you believe it or not. Choose to use bricks.

Keep your word to yourself. Prove to yourself you can do it. You CAN do it! Start laying those bricks knowing that each one will shelter you from harm in the long run. It will protect what is most sacred to you - YOU!

Who likes being referred to as weak? When you build-up your self-discipline, you become stronger. You won't pick-up a cigarette to light it. You won't call your ex when you're lonely. You won't go out when you don't have the money. You won't buy unnecessary material things instead of pay your bills, etc... You will have trained yourself to tell yourself NO.

Eventually, you'll have less stress in your life due to your discipline. Your bills will be paid on time, if at all. You'll find other things to occupy your time during your lonely moments. You won't have any addictions to kick. You'll have less health problems. You'll feel better about yourself.

Sure we all want things, but do we need them? NO!

I was tempted to buy a new car a few weeks ago, but I decided to stick with what I have because it's almost paid for and I don't have many problems out of it. I didn't need a new car, but a new one would have been nice.

I decided to try a vegetarian lifestyle for 30 Days for humanitarian reasons but also to build my self-discipline. It's been a challenge, but I like not having the luxury, anymore. Eating is a necessity, but the actual food is a luxury. Similar to the oatmeal type substance they eat in the movie "The Matrix".

I've decided to coach my son's soccer team this year. I don't know much about soccer but this gives me more of an incentive to learn and bond with my son. I believe it'll encourage him to do better. He listens to me and I'll be able to train him while I'm learning the skill. I want him to have fun but also be the best he can be at everything he does in life. All of this will be implanted into his mind.

This is all a process in which I'll become closer to God. Something I've tried to do my whole life, and I've finally found MY way. I believe you can find your way, too.

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