Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WOW! I haven't had much to say for awhile

During the past few months, I been down at the bottom of my rope, and too weak to climb back up (at the beginning). I started going to church and things were going well for me, but I didn't feel peace inside myself.

I wanted to venture out and have good times with my friends. I started going to dinner everything Thursday night with a group of friends and had some really great times. But still I didn't feel peace inside myself. Things actually grew worse.

I've been in stuck in a state of confusion wondering if this were the right decision or if that were the right decision.

After spending some much needed time at the beach, my soul finally felt a sense of peace. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I even cried to my friend.

The ocean speaks to my soul and it listens. The universal language we all know within us (which mine felt peace) had experienced nothing. NOTHING was exactly what I worries, no drama, no paranoia, no NOTHING. AHHH! It felt great.

Finally, I let go of wanting to say GOODBYE to someone I've had a rollercoaster relationship with for the past year. I let go of many friends, and they've let go of me.

Any problems that existed before I left, I no longer care about them. They're in the past. I can either dwell on them and allow them to effect my NOW and my Future, or let them go and leave them in the past.

The only direction you can go is forward, you don't have an option. I choose to go forward with a smile. I get to my destination, no matter what I choose, might as well enjoy it.



  1. Good for you Girly!! Let all the bad stuff go out with the tide...the beach has a way of healing the soul, for sure. That is always my "happy place"!

  2. I agree. I'm dealing with having to let go of some stuff that's happened recently and it's hard for me to let go of it, but I know I have a future to look forward to and I need to start moving forward and not looking backward all the time. :) I hope things get better for you and I'm glad you had a great vacation.